Rules and Regulations


*Open to musicians of all nationalities and countries

*Instrumental soloists

(Piano, Strings, Wind, Brass, Percussion)


(Opera, Art Songs)

Repertoire Requirements:


*One movement from a concerto or solo piece for performance with an orchestra from Baroque, Classical, or Romantic period

(Please confirm your repertoire with IMONY before submission)

*All auditions must be performed from memory


*No arranged music

*Only one piece can be performed at the winners concert

*No repeats should ne taken unless it is required to complete a phrase.

*All auditions must be performed from memory

Audition / Competition:

*Bring one original copy of your music

*Contestants should arrive 15 minutes before your audition. Please do not be earlier to later than 15 minutes.

*Judges’ decisions are final and can’t be appealed.

*The results will be published on the International Music Organization New York website.


*There is no changing of piece from the live audition/YouTube to the recitals.

*Each winner will receive an email with detailed winners recital/ debut concert guidelines.

*Rehearsal will be scheduled with IMONY orchestra for the concerto. Audition winners will be announced individually via email.

*Any form of recording is prohibited at both venues.

*There will be performance fee determined by audition/repertoire/length of piece.

*Certificates will be awarded after the concerto debut concert/winners concert and will not be mailed to participants who cannot attend the performance.


*Participants must bring their own accompanist at both audition and recital.

Travel Expenses:

*Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses.

Dress Code:

*No shorts, short skirts, jeans, sneakers, etc. Please dress appropriately.

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